Everyone at some point feels affliction. Whether it’s the loss of a pet, a grim diagnosis or illness, a death of a loved one or an end of a marriage. The reasons are countless as to why we at some point suffer in our lives. It can be a dark place. BUT, the key is to hang on for the next day and the next and the next. As a breast cancer survivor I know what it is to go through the affliction of diagnosis and treatment. If I had given up and succumbed to it, I wouldn’t be here to experience my passion for photography, see my little girl go to JK for the first time or simply just share a laugh with family and friends.
This photo is meant to show someone drowning in their grief, yet are hanging on for a better day that they know will come….


Intertwined With Affliction

Here are some behind the scenes shots –

My grubby looking self setting up for the shot.

My amazing model Helga, patiently waiting with me for the light to change….


2 thoughts on “Affliction

  1. Beautiful imagery of the legs as if her feet are trying to kick her back up to the surface of her life…. The lighting is so mystical. The image really sucks you in! I love it!

  2. I absolutely love your images. Remind me of the Pre-Raphaelites. Especially the ochre- sepia- burnt umber shades. Yet your creations are more edgy and haunting.

    I have just become your fathers bridge partner. He recommended your website with glowing comments and I’m not disappointed.

    In fact I would be interested in having you take an Author photo for my forthcoming book with Cormorant Books in Toronto. Will be out late Aug. or early Sept. 2013. My book is called Aunt Winnie, and if I get your email address I’ll forward you a draft of the cover (a 1937 photo of her taken professionally when she was presented at Buckingham Palace to King George VI and Elizabeth, the Queen Mum a few days before his coronation). He is the King in The KING’S Speech. I’d like a creative, contrasting Author photo. (I am 70, have long hair white at front – perhaps too old for you to bother with). And maybe you don’t do this kind of work anyway.