A Longing For Home

“A Longing For Home”
Quarries are open excavations where fairly massive deposits of soft or hard rock are extracted. Similar to underground mining, this process can lead to longterm social, economic and environmental problems in its area.
Environmentally it has a major effect on the disruption of animal habitats, destruction of vegetation, soil erosion, river siltation, noise and dust pollution. Water tables, drainage and the dumping of waste rock also have a disruptive impact on the surrounding ecosystem.
Quarries have been around for centuries but as early as 1890 the complaints and concerns about them started being voiced.
Since then, the voices have been heard and rehabilitation plans are being put in place. I’ll repeat they are being put in place but the requirements aren’t always being met – by approximately half.
My photograph, “A Longing For Home” focuses on the damage to the biodiversity that occurs through quarrying. Survival for many species including our own, relies on the fine balance that exists in nature. When a disruption occurs from something like quarrying, the habitats of effected species are damaged either directly from excavation or indirectly from ground or surface water changes.
If you’d like to read more there are many sites that talk about the impacts of quarrying. Google one close to your area to see if it’s meeting the requirements of rehabilitation and restoration.
Thanks to my model Ashleigh who put up with the long, mosquito infested hike to this location!


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