You Want and You’re Taking Plenty


My last post of 2014. Wow, there are so many things to say!
This year has been an incredible year for me and I first have to say how grateful I am to Yahoo for picking up my story and featuring my work ( It has catapulted me into a place with my photography I never thought possible. Needless to say the past few months have been quite hectic for me which for the most part has been amazing but the downside has been the lack of time I’ve had to actually create and post new work. I’m anticipating a bit of a lull for January/February so I’m looking forward to getting back to the creative side of my work.
It’s strange to have started out on facebook and flickr very quietly keeping my past to myself but now that it’s out there it’s been liberating and inspiring. I received literally hundreds of e-mails from people who were touched by my story in some way whether it was something they were going through themselves, they new someone or it just gave them some sort of epiphany about their own lives.
I did another interview the other day and was asked the question “Why do you think so many people have been drawn to your story?” and my response was this “I don’t think there is anything particularly rare about my story, I was just given the platform to tell it. There are thousands of people out there with similar stories that inspire but mine is just being heard and noticed through my work.”
I’ve heard from incredibly strong women from places like Uganda, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Philiipines and closer to home Seattle, Toronto, New York,  all facing breast cancer in their own way, all with their brave and inspiring stories to tell. I feel honoured to share my story on behalf of them all.
Thank you to all that wrote me and I wish you nothing but health and happiness in 2015.

Onto the photography side of things. If you’ve followed my work you know that my environmental series Footprints has been my main focus and passion this year. I wanted to end 2014 with this shot of the iconic symbol of global warming, the polar bear. It was a little tricky orchestrating this concept because I typically shoot everything in the same location at the same time. That obviously wasn’t going to happen with a little girl and a polar bear so I had to improvise. So….after a visit to Iceland, a visit to the local zoo and a quick shoot in my backyard I was able to come up with “You Want and You’re Taking Plenty.”

I think the message in this one is fairly obvious compared to some of my other ones. You have a sad polar bear walking away from his disappearing home with the support of his friend. Polar bears rely on the artctic ice to feed and year after year that habitat shrinks leaving a bleak looking future for the survival of this species. I hope the message is conveyed in this photograph.

My word for this year is definitely “grateful.” No other word has popped into my head more often than this one. Watching my daughter sing at her Christmas concert – “grateful” to be there and see it happen. Selling a print – “grateful” to have touched someone with my work.
Gathered around a table playing cards with family and friends – “grateful” to share the laughter. Five and a half years since breast cancer – just plain “grateful.” The list goes on and on.
Grateful. What is your word?

Well, this is turning out to be a longer post than I expected but if you’re still reading I want to thank you so much for your support this year. Every comment, favourite or like motivates me for the next piece and they are all greatly appreciated.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015! Happy New Year!!

xo Robin

PS. If you don’t already, follow me on facebook as I will be having a couple of book covers put out in 2015 :):)



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