A Day At The Beach


A Day At The Beach

The iceberg – it’s synonymous with global warming and rightly so. It’s one of the most important markers in determining global warming rates.
It’s hard to imagine as I write this on a cold winter’s day that climate change is happening but it is. In fact, according to NASA just last week (http://climate.nasa.gov/news/2197/), the rate of glacier melt in West Antarctica has tripled in the last decade.
With rising global temperatures varying throughout the world, the Arctic’s climate system seems to be the most sensitive because of something called “feedback loops.” These are compared to vicious circles that either accelerate warming or decelerate the melting of ice. As more ice melts, more of the sun’s energy is absorbed which eventually leads to more warming and so on.
Thus, my iceberg. More and more of these guys are breaking off and finding their way to mainstream shipping lanes while damaging sensitive underwater ecosystems in their wake.
This humbling and stunning lagoon in Iceland called Jokulsarlon was the setting for this shot.
It sits at the head of the Breioamerkurjokull (say that one three times fast!) glacier which is melting at a rapid rate. Sixty years ago the 1.5 kilometre  long lake that makes up the “lagoon” didn’t even exist!
As beautiful as this was to marvel at, it was a rude awakening to the state of the globe.
On another note, yes, that is my daughter and yes she is in a bathing suit, in Iceland, in late October. I prepped her for days leading up to this shoot as I knew I only had one shot at it. The deal was, she only had to count to 20 before her dad would throw her clothes back on her and we’d go to the gift shop and pick out a stuffed animal. She was amazing, not one complaint.




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