Honeybee, honeybee, where can you be?

Honeybee, honeybee, where can you be?Imagine a world where the honeybee doesn’t exist. It doesn’t seem like a big deal does it…..you can live without honey if you have to, right?
Now think about a world with no fruits, nuts or vegetables and the problem suddenly becomes drastically more serious.
The majority of our flowered crops are pollinated by the busy honeybee but the population of those bees has been on a dangerous decline, to the point that it joins the list of the world’s top ecological emergencies. Without pollination the cost of produce will skyrocket and I mean skyrocket. Already in certain parts of the world crops are being hand pollinated with feather dusters. Imagine the labour it would take to pollinate all of our crops this way? A single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers a day!

The vanishing of the bees, which is sometimes referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder, isn’t really the mystery it’s made out to be. Pesticides, habitat loss, drought, nutrition deficit, global warming, etc all contribute to the plight of the honeybee with the first two being the most prominent reasons.

In North America we’re once again behind Europe and other countries in banning certain pesticides. We should all take the lead of Bhutan for example, which has adopted a 100% organic farming policy.

There is much to be discussed and learned about this important issue but again, as in other posts for my series “Footprints”, I’m not an expert. I’m teaching myself as I go and I am so grateful for the process. It’s making me a much more aware and awake human being and my hope with this series is to evoke the same feeling in others. Our actions do have consequences.
So…..if you’d like to read more on the topic I have found some great information on this site (although there are many sites that can be visited to learn more about the honeybees) –


This photo was taken at a local bee farm called Pioneer Brand and I was so impressed with the passion, awareness, love and knowledge that this family has for their livelihood. I felt priviliged to be part of it for even the briefest of moments.

On a funny note, neither the model or myself was stung by a bee in the making of this photo (lol) despite the absolute certainty by the model that she would be!