The Making of Queen A

If you’ve been following my work you will have noticed my newborn passion for underwater photography. Living in Canada my ability to actually shoot underwater is limited to a few months every summer so getting this shot orchestrated before the end of the summer was a real push. I had to assemble my fantastic team of models and the very talented Maryellen Nault as my MUA as quickly as possible while creating the costume for Queen Amphritite in my spare time. One day in mid August all of our schedules came together and we had an amazing day shooting in the blazing heat of an Ontario summer. I fumbled my way around iMovie and put together a very short video of our BTS moments. As you will see we didn’t work with big fancy rigs or even fancy underwater gear. Just a very large backdrop, my husbands weights and a lot of manpower. It was a very rewarding experience for someone who tries to do everything on her own! Thanks to RenĂ©e, Nicole, Maryellen, Marilyn, Maria, Rob and Stephanie for all of your help!
The photos of Queen Amphritite that resulted are one of her in her Waterworld lair and then a close up. Unfortunately, not all of the gold make-up stayed despite Maryellen’s best efforts to waterproof everything. I still think she looks pretty amazing! Click here for BTS Video.The Queen's Lair

Queen Amphritite