Because We Are Living In A Digital World and I Am A Digital Girl……(now)

About three weeks ago I was cursing the digital world. Swore I was going back to film. Absolutely had it!

My brand new (well 5 month old) iMac desktop had crashed. The hard drive was gone.

As I sat at the genius bar at the back of the Apple store and had my emotional meltdown as discreetly as possible I could barely fathom the words.

“You’ve got everything backed up right?” was all I heard. Well of course I didn’t. As a photographer who should always be backing things up it was an embarrassing realisation. Previous to my new computer I had backed up everything thinking my old one would crash at any minute. I became lazy with my new one and only backed up about two times in the five months.

Pulling myself together, I managed to temporarily part with my computer with the promise of a hard drive extraction.

Fast forward to a week later and I got my first diagnostic on the hard drive. It was a “severe head crash” with scratches on the top plate. It was only going to cost me $2100 to possibly retrieve the files. Yikes!! Again, I was cursing the digital world but more and more I was cursing myself for not being responsible with my client photos. I was learning a very hard and expensive lesson.

This quote was too rich for my blood and I was so grateful to find another company that came in at less than half, retrieved all of my files and delivered them right to my doorstep.

Thank you Taking IT Mobile Data Solutions!

The whole experience got me thinking about the digital world though. If I had been working with negatives and there had been a spill or a fire they would be gone forever. Although it was costly I was able to at least get my files back. Something I couldn’t have done if negatives were destroyed. It’s really amazing what can be done digitally, far beyond my understanding. This thought process actually made me feel much better about the money I had just spent. As a photographer, I charge what some people would consider a high hourly rate. Nothing outrageous but industry standard because we are in a specialized field. Well same goes for my diagnostic team. Their hourly rate is high because their knowledge and experience is high. I am a grateful customer.

So the digital world is here to stay (like I have any say it!).

Anyway, a bit of a long story to remind anyone who doesn’t back up that you should because it CAN happen to you. I’m sure most people do but just in case…

On another note, this is also a long story so peope can understand why my second release in Waterworld is so late! It was one that I had been working on when I had the crash but now I have it back and here for posting.

In the previous photo we had a human enter into Waterworld but now she has to adjust her breathing. She is letting go of her last human breath of air and will then learn to breath the way the people of Waterworld do.

This is such an exciting series for me to be working on. I have been shooting some different charcters over the last few weeks so there will be more coming soon!

Waterworld #2: Adjust


Waterworld #2 - Adjust