It’s been a wintery winter here in Canada and I must admit I’ve been unmotivated some days to go out and shoot in this cold weather. I did however go for a hike recently with my friend up at a place known as Muskoka (which is a cottage country area here in Ontario). We came across a never ending cliff covered with ice falls. I just knew I had to shoot it somehow so I threw out the idea of her falling off the face of it. She just gave me a dirty look as she always does when I ask her to something ridiculous but regardless proceeded to trudge her way through waist deep snow to get to the site. The reason I’m posting this blog (because I’m obviously not talking about any profound, life changing theme here) is to just show how much fun this was to shoot! I have great friends who I laugh with constantly. I am truly lucky!

Here is the final image from this Oh so fun shoot –