Looking Back On 2012

Looking Back At 2012

I have had catalystic moments in my life. If you’ve read the bio on my web site you’ll be aware of a few.  Some were hard, some were joyous, but just know that it is with gratitude that I accept every one of them as they have made me who I am today.

The year 2012 held another catalystic moment for me – a good one. It was in early spring that I was getting caught up on the news at cnn.com when a photo from the “CNN Photo Series” caught my eye. It was from a 16 year old girl named Masha Sardari and it changed the course of my life.

Up until that moment I had been working as a food photographer, an interiors photographer, a family photographer, and even a golf course photographer. Wherever I could make a buck is where I would be (although I drew the line on weddings!), liking what I was doing but never loving what I was doing.

This one photo was like opening Pandora’s Box. I had no idea the road it was about to lead me down. The world of conceptual fine art photography was opened and I embraced it with a passion that I thought was lost to me.


Here is that photo –

autumnal loss, Masha Sardari

autumnal loss


Photography is subjective. This photo that was so inspring to me may just be “whatever” to someone else. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps a childhood experience, a colour that calms us or alternately ignites us, a technical “rightness”, or the way our eyes move across the picture. There are probably countless reasons for having favourites but I guess that’s the beauty of art, we all interpret and process things in our own way.

This year has been such a learning curve and I can’t write this blog without thanking some photographers that have pushed me to grow as an artist.

Thank you to Mahsa for putting me on my road less travelled. To Brooke Shaden for teaching me how. To Havard, Trini, Eric, Laurie, Liat, Leo, Hailey, Kasia, Paul and Patty for the continual support of my work, your feedback means the world to me, and to the rest of my Flickr friends who send great comments or “favourite” my work, it boosts me every time!

To the talented Oleg Oprisco, Brooke Shaden and Kirsty Mitchell, every photo you put out is of the highest calibre and I aspire to reach that level.

And lastly to all the photographers out there that inspire me daily, your talent takes my breath away.


My Top 10 of 2012


I am always curious to know who other people find inspiring so I’m going back through all the photos I have “favourited” on Flickr this year and am going to try to narrow it down to my top 10 most inspiring (almost impossible but I’ll try). Again, these incredible photos just happen to move ME in some way……


In no particular order…..


the grass picker, Masha Sardari

the grass picker

The tones and face pulled me in immediately. Again a beautiful piece from Masha that I would happily hang on my wall.


Spirits In The Black Mist, Trini Schultz

Spirits In The Black Mist

Trini’s editing abilities paired with a great visual balance in her photos has made her an inspiring photographer to follow.


Echoes, Oleg Oprisco


There is hardly a photograph of Oleg’s that I don’t love. He is one of my favourite photographers!


All I Need Now Is A Destination, Patty Maher

All I need now is a destination

Patty’s colour palette here is right up my alley. I thought about this photo for days after viewing it. As a side note, Patty was the first person to ever comment on one of my photos on Flickr, thanks Patty!


Spoken Silence, Laurie Maitem

Spoken Silence (115/366)

This photo was one of the first I ever marked as “favourite” on Flickr. I fell in love with its simplicity, composition and the silvery effect of the black and white.


Mantis, Leah Johnston


The sheer primal vibe that screams from this photo was haunting. Again another photo that I thought of for days afterwards.


The Cold Bloom of a Torn Heart, Kirsty Mitchell

Wonderland "The Cold Bloom of a Torn Heart"

Kirsty’s attention to detail in ALL of her photographs pushes me to be better. This is just one of many outstanding photos by this gifted photographer and storyteller.


The Image you see in the Mirror, Benjamin Benchan

The Image you see in the Mirror

The tones of this photo are really speaking to me lately so expect to see some inspiration from this one in the new year.


chasing childhood, Brooke Shaden

chasing childhood

I can’t have a top ten without the unstoppable Brooke Shaden. To be in her presence is inspiration alone but when you add her work into the mix it actually lifts you up to a place where anything is possible.


He who were bound by lies, Havard Hole


I can’t leave out Havard. A young kid from Norway who is working on his 365. It’s been fun watching him on his journey, trying new things, meeting new people along the way. I have never come across someone on Flickr who is so encouraging of other people’s work. I sometimes think, he probably doesn’t even like this but is finding something good to say about my photo anyway! He inspires me to be a better Flickr friend. This is my favourite photo of his.



I also wanted to add two of my photos. One that has been the most popular photo of mine on Flickr and also my personal favourite from the year.

Most Popular – Portrait of a Broken Dream

Portrait of a Broken Dream

My Favourite – The Flight of Goldilocks