Everyone at some point feels affliction. Whether it’s the loss of a pet, a grim diagnosis or illness, a death of a loved one or an end of a marriage. The reasons are countless as to why we at some point suffer in our lives. It can be a dark place. BUT, the key is to hang on for the next day and the next and the next. As a breast cancer survivor I know what it is to go through the affliction of diagnosis and treatment. If I had given up and succumbed to it, I wouldn’t be here to experience my passion for photography, see my little girl go to JK for the first time or simply just share a laugh with family and friends.
This photo is meant to show someone drowning in their grief, yet are hanging on for a better day that they know will come….


Intertwined With Affliction

Here are some behind the scenes shots –

My grubby looking self setting up for the shot.

My amazing model Helga, patiently waiting with me for the light to change….


Patrick Ourceau Promotional Shoot

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting some promotional photos of the highly talented Irish fiddler Patrick Ourceau. Patrick is known in traditional Irish music circles all over the world and he ranks up there with the best. We had great fun shooting although it was cold, which means his (very expensive) fiddle was at risk of getting damaged. Talk about having to work quickly!
I wanted to capture a moment that said “I’ve just given a mind blowing performance but I am humbled by the applause and appreciation.” Thanks to the help of assistant and friend Brian Holleran, I think we were able to do just that.
To learn more about Patrick CD’s, workshops or upcoming tours please visit his web site at

I thought I’d also post an unplanned photo of my assistant Brian who is an amazing Irish flutist in his own right.


A Different Light

Back in the early summer of this year I was lucky enough to attend a Brooke Shaden workshop here in Toronto. For those not “in the know” she is a bit of a guru in her field of conceptual photography and is inspiring beyond words, not just with her work but with her attitude and energy as well. I came away from that workshop with a few photos that I posted and that I was proud of but ended up filing away the rest that I considered just alright, nothing great. Well, after revisiting those files a few days ago, I decided to play around with one that I thought had potential. I dramatically changed the lighting thus the atmosphere in the the photograph and ┬áit has now become my favourite photo from that day. Most days when I shoot I just know if something has turned out the way I wanted it to before I even put it on a computer screen but every once in awhile you get a fluke shot that just happens to work and becomes your new favourite……

Shadows At Midnight

Behind the scenes with model Richelle and assistant Robin.